FullBucket Equine Probiotic Pellets (30 Servings)

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Product Description 

FullBucket Equine Probiotic Pellets provides a super-concentrated formula with 50 billion probiotics – plus prebiotics and digestive enzymes (L-Glutamine). 20x more concentrated than other products on the market, FullBucket specifically developed this supplement to support horses under high stress and horses with ongoing digestive issues. Our specialized supplement is all-natural, show-approved, and can be used with antibiotics and other medications.

Providing your horse with digestive-boosting prebiotics and enzymes – such as Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) and L-Glutamine – has been shown to restore gut health and promote enhanced nutrient absorption. Along with 50 billion probiotics, these ingredients also combat gastrointestinal issues, such as ulcers, colic, colitis, diarrhea, loose stool, gas, weight loss and bloating, as well as diet, stress, performance, and environmental changes.


  • 50 billion probiotics, prebiotics & L-Glutamine support equine digestive systems with ongoing issues
  • Supports microflora and combats GI issues: ulcers, colic, colitis, diarrhea, gas, and weight loss
  • All-natural and show-approved formula; ideal for high stress from travel, performance, and training
  • Can safely be used with antibiotics to provide highly-effective digestive health benefits for horses
  • Microencapsulation protects from heat, moisture, and stomach acid so probiotics arrive in the gut alive

Directions for Use

Give 1-2 scoops of FullBucket Equine Probiotic Pellets with feed once or twice a day, or as directed by a veterinarian. The recommended minimum trial period is at least four weeks of consistent use. For daily digestive and immune system maintenance, FullBucket created Equine Probiotic Granules with 25 billion CFUs.



Crude Protein (min) 5.7%
Crude Fat (min) 2.2%
Crude Fiber (max) 3%
L-Glutamine 2,500 mg
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (min)* 50 billion CFU**

*Microencapsulated **Colony Forming Units. Contains a source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms.


Alfalfa meal, yeast extract, active dry yeast, L-glutamine, molasses product, salt, lignin sulfonate, soybean oil (cold pressed), sodium propionate (a preservative).

SERVING SIZE: 35 gm scoop

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