Fullbucket Foal Probiotic Paste (10 tube)

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Fullbucket Foal Probiotic Paste

Foal Probiotic Paste is a highly concentrated yeast-based formula that supports gut and immune health in foals, with probiotics, probiotics, dried egg products & L-glutamine.

  • Assists in the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients
  • Naturally supports the immune system
  • Support for the gastrointestinal mucosa, the protective layer of the intestinal tract
  • Microencapsulated - helps protect the probiotics from heat and moisture
  • Lyophilized for maximum protection and efficacy


  • Newborn Foal:  15 cc twice a day
  • Suckling Foal:  30 cc twice a day


Natural flavors, Sodium aluminosilicate, and Vegetable oil.

Serving size 

32.5 gm tube

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