Kopertox Water-Resistant Horse Thrush Treatment (16 oz)

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Kopertox Water-Resistant Horse Thrush Treatment

If you’re fighting thrush in your horse’s hooves, KOPERTOX Water-Resistant Horse Thrush Treatment can help to get to the root of the issue. This topical hoof care formula is designed to treat thrush by killing the organisms that cause the condition. Simply apply Kopertox to the affected hooves with a paintbrush each day. Kopertox creates water-resistant protection without the need for any bandaging, saving you time and simplifying the treatment process.


  • Topical hoof care solution treats thrush in horses.
  • Kills the organisms that cause thrush.
  • Apply daily to affected hooves with a paintbrush.
  • Creates water-resistant protection without any need for bandaging.
  • Ideal to have on hand in any barn.

Directions For Use

  1. Clean the hoof thoroughly, removing debris and necrotic material prior to application of KOPERTOX.
  2. Apply daily to affected hoofs with a narrow paint brush (about 1") until fully healed.


Do not allow runoff of excess KOPERTOX® onto hair since contact with KOPERTOX® may cause some hair loss. Do not contaminate feed.


Copper Naphthenate.