LubriSyn HA Pet & Equine Joint Formula

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Product Description

LubriSyn HA Plus for Equine & Pet Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring component of joint fluid. It can only be supplemented by injection or by oral absorption. In studies, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), has shown to relieve symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. These vital elements have come together to create LubriSynHA + for a natural, synergistic, anti-inflammatory effect. LubriSynHA Plus helps support your horse’s connective tissues, is a natural antioxidant, and assists equine muscle tissue rebound from exercise stress and soreness. Highest Molecular Weight HA Non-invasive Joint Support Fast Acting (7-10 Days) 


  • Cushion joints for better mobility - As joint fluid diminishes with age and exercise, bone-on-bone inflammation is more likely to occur. This inflammation can lead to arthritis and stiff, sore joints. Normal daily activities or high-level training or performance may become difficult. LubrisynHA, which is bio-identical to the synovial fluid found in joints, replenishes and restores your pet's natural synovial fluid, keeping joints and cartilage cushioned and well-lubricated.
  • Lubricates to help ease pain - Our high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid (also known as hyaluronan) keeps joints lubricated and well-cushioned during intense exercise and athletic performances. Our patented HA joint supplement of pure hyaluronic acid works to help ease sore joints, aches, pains and inflammation associated with arthritis, aging or rigorous exercise.
  • Maintain healthy joints for an active lifestyle - Promote flexible, lubricated joints so your pet can maintain his competitive edge in obedience, agility and performance – or stay active in his senior years. Giving a daily source of hyaluronan from hyaluronic acid is a great alternative to stressful injections or messy powders. The hyaluronan in LubriSynHA naturally protects the integrity of your pet’s synovial fluid, promoting healthy joints and connective tissue for years to come!
  • Joint supplementation made easy - Our maximum-strength formula is quickly absorbed into the tissues of your pet’s mouth and throat, delivering joint support in as little as 7 to 14 days. Our clear and tasteless liquid formula is easy to administer to cats, dogs (large, medium and small), and horses of any age, breed or lifestyle.
  • Hyaluronic Acid you can trust: LubrisynHA is all-natural, 100% vegan and gluten-free, and our bottles are BPA-free. Our hyaluronic acid is extracted from a non-animal, microbial source, resulting in high-molecular weight purified hyaluronic acid. This bio-identical synovial fluid most closely matches the hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body. Our FDA-registered facility is GMP-certified, and our products are manufactured in the USA in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Directions for Use

Recommended Daily Dosing

Daily Maintenance: 15mL per 1200 lbs
Juvenile: 10mL per 1200 lbs

1/2 tsp (3mL)

Under 30 lbs: 1 tsp (5mL)
30-60 lbs: 1-2 tsp (5-10mL)
60-90 lbs: 2-3 tsp (10-15mL)
100+ lbs: 3+ tsp (15mL)

Should be doubled for Initial 10 Days


Active Ingredients: 

Hyaluronic Acid
Per tsp (5mL)... 25mg
Per oz (30mL)... 150mg