Ovipost Banded Adult Live Feed Crickets Reptile Food, Medium, 1/2"

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Ovipost Live Feed Crickets Medium

Our Banded Crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus) are excellent live feeder insects for bearded dragons, chameleons, lizards, iguanas, frogs, tarantulas, and more. They also make great treats for backyard chickens and tortoises.

Banded crickets are known for their long lifespan, active nature, and ability to survive in tough conditions. For tips on how to keep your crickets alive and happy, please check out our cricket care sheet.

Live Insects and Temperature:

Extreme weather conditions are the #1 cause of shipments dying in transit. Temperatures below 20F and above 95F can be deadly, even with our carefully developed shipping standards. Please take a look at the temperature forecasts for your shipping destination for the delivery date range before placing an order. If temperatures at the shipping destination are out of this range, there is a significant chance your order will be DOA.

Please keep in mind that our insects are a natural product. Some amount of variation is normal and expected. All sizes are sold as an average and there will always be some that are larger or smaller than the average in an order.

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