Normosol-R injection (1000 ml)

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Product Description

NORMOSOL-R is indicated for replacement of acute extracellular fluid volume losses in surgery trauma burns or shock. NORMOSOL-R also can be used as an adjunct to restore a decrease in circulatory volume in patients with moderate blood loss. NORMOSOL®-R is not intended to supplant transfusion of whole blood or packed red cells in the presence of uncontrolled hemorrhage or severe reductions of red cell volume.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects are unlikely if the proper dose is given. Abscesses or infection may occur at the injection site if a sterile needle and proper technique were not used during administration. If your pet experiences an allergic reaction to the medication, signs may include facial swelling, hives, scratching, sudden onset of diarrhea, vomiting, shock, seizures, pale gums, cold limbs, or coma. If you observe any of these signs, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Recommended Dosage

Consult your veterinarian for proper dosing instructions.

Storage Instructions

Store at room temperature away from light.

Prescription items are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.

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