Roll-On Fly Repellent for Horses, Ponies, & Dogs (2 oz)

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Roll-On Fly Repellent for Horses, Ponies, & Dogs 

Farnum Roll-On Fly Repellent repels House Flies, Stable Flies, Face Flies, and Horn Flies from sensitive areas of the face and head and also from areas around wounds. Roller-ball design allows for easy application.


  • Repels house, stable, face and horn flies
  • For use around nose, eyes, ears, mouth and wounds
  • For horses, ponies and dogs
  • Made in the USA.

Directions For Use

  • Do not apply over cuts, wounds or irritated skin. Do not apply near eyes and mouth. Apply sparingly around ears. Wash hands with soap and water promptly after use. Shake well before use.
  • Horses & Ponies: Do not reapply more than once daily.
  • Dogs: Roll-On can be reapplied after one week.
  • Do not put solution directly in animal's eyes, mouth or wounds.


Pyrethins 0.40%
Piperonyl Butoxide 1.00%
Di-n-propyl isocinchomeronate 1.00%
N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide 0.40%
Other Ingredients 97.20%