Selarid for Dogs 40.1-85 lbs

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Selarid for Dogs 40.1-85 lbs

Selarid Topical Solution for Dogs is a monthly heartworm prevention for dogs option for flea infestations, heartworm disease, and more. Formulated with the same active ingredient as the pioneer product Revolution Topical Solution, Selarid delivers parasite control at an affordable price, keeping your pet and your wallet happy! Fleas and heartworms are common parasites found in dogs, but with Selarid, you can prevent these, along with other pests, too!

  • Easy-to-apply monthly topical treatment.
  • Kills fleas and controls flea infestations.
  • Treats and controls many other parasites.
  • Safe for cats 8 weeks of age and older.
  • Safe for dogs 6 weeks of age and older.
  • Safe for pregnant and lactating cats and dogs.

Prescription items are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.

NOTE: For generic medications, picture displayed may not depict actual product. You will receive either the Norbrook or VetOne brand Selarid. Please note product may arrive in a Hardy Paw Pharmacy vial.

Dosage and Administration:

The recommended minimum dose is 2.7 mg of selamectin per pound (6 mg/kg) of body weight.

Administer the entire contents of a single dose applicator (or two applicators used in combination for dogs weighing over 130 pounds) of Selarid topically per the following tables.

Cats (lb) Package color mg per applicator Potency (mg/mL) Administered volume (mL)
Up to 5 Mauve 15 mg 60 0.25
5.1 - 15 Blue 45 mg 60 0.75
15.1 - 22 Taupe 60 mg 60 1.0

For cats over 22 lbs use the appropriate combination of applicators

Dogs (lb) Package color mg per applicator Potency (mg/mL) Administered volume (mL)
Up to 5 Mauve 15 mg 60 0.25
5.1 - 10 Purple 30 mg 120 0.25
10.1 - 20 Brown 60 mg 120 0.5
20.1 - 40 Red 120 mg 120 1.0
40.1 - 85 Teal 240 mg 120 2.0
85.1 - 130 Plum 360 mg 120 3.0

For dogs over 130 lbs use the appropriate combination of applicators. Recommended for use in dogs 6 weeks of age and older and in cats 8 weeks of age and older.

A veterinarian or veterinary technician should demonstrate or instruct the pet owner regarding the appropriate technique for applying Selarid topically to dogs and cats before first use.

    1. Remove the applicator from the outer pouch using scissors or fold along a diagonal line to expose nick; tear back at nick.

selarid application

    1. Hold the applicator upright. Tap the narrow part of the applicator to ensure the contents remain within the main body of the applicator. Twist or snap back the tip.

selarid application1

    1. Part the hair on the back of the animal at the base of the neck, in front of the shoulder blades, until the skin is visible.

selarid application1

    1. Apply the tip of the Selarid applicator directly to the skin. Squeeze the applicator firmly 3-4 times in one spot until empty. Keep the applicator compressed on the final squeeze to avoid drawing liquid back into the applicator. Avoid contact between Selarid and your fingers.

selarid application1

  1. While keeping the applicator squeezed, drag it away from the liquid and lift it up to remove it.
  2. Ensure the applicator is empty.

Do not massage Selarid into the skin

Do not apply when the haircoat is wet.

Do not apply to broken skin - Selarid contains alcohol.

Stiff hair, clumping of hair, hair discoloration, or a slight powdery residue may be observed at the site in some animals. These effects are usually temporary and do not affect the safety or effectiveness of the product.

Possible Side Effects

Following treatment with selamectin solution, transient localized alopecia with or without inflammation at or near the site of application was observed in approximately 1% of 691 treated cats. Other signs observed rarely ( 0.5% of 1743 treated cats and dogs) included vomiting, loose stool or diarrhea with or without blood, anorexia, lethargy, salivation, tachypnea, and muscle tremors.

Storage Instructions

Store below 86 F (30 C).


Can I bath my pet after applying Selarid?
Yes. Bathing or shampooing the dog 2 or more hours after treatment will not reduce the effectiveness of Selarid against fleas or heartworm. Bathing or shampooing the cat 2 hours after treatment will not reduce the effectiveness of Selarid against fleas. Bathing or shampooing the cat 24 hours after treatment will not reduce the effectiveness of Selarid against heartworm.

When can I play with my pet following treatment with Selarid?
You should avoid contact with the application site when wet. You may hold or play with your pet any time after the area on which Selarid was applied is dry.

I see fleas on my dog or cat. Is Selarid working?
Selarid kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching. you may occasionally see a few fleas on dogs or cats treated with Selarid but more than 98% of adult fleas are killed within 36 hours.

Immature stages of the flea called pupae may be present in your pet's environment (yard, flooring, carpet, bedding, etc.). These pupae are not killed by parasiticides (including Selarid) and as such may emerge as adult fleas. These adult fleas may hop onto your pet at any time. They must be exposed to Selarid on your dog or cat before being killed. It can take from 3–5 weeks (or longer depending on environmental conditions) for most fleas to complete their 4-stage life cycle (egg, larvae, pupae, and adult) and reach the adult stage before being seen on your pet. Due to the presence of immature flea stages in infested environments, it can take up to 2 to 3 monthly applications for Selarid to maximally control the infestation of fleas in the environment. Once the flea population is controlled you will be less likely to see fleas.

I see ticks on my dog. Is Selarid working?
Selarid controls tick infestations only due to the American Dog Tick (Dermacentor variabilis), a tick commonly found on dogs. Other common species of ticks are not killed or controlled by Selarid. Your veterinarian can recommend appropriate products to control or kill ticks common to your area. For the control of the American Dog Tick, Selarid should be applied once a month; however, your veterinarian may recommend a second administration applied 14 days after the first dose if your dog has a heavy tick infestation and/or recommend additional tick control methods. It may take up to 5 days to kill the majority of ticks on your dog.

What are the possible side effects of Selarid?
Like all medicines, Selarid has some side effects. The most common is hair loss at the site of application with or without inflammation (redness, flaking) in cats. Other side effects reported in cats and dogs include vomiting, diarrhea with or without blood, anorexia (decreased appetite), lethargy (sluggishness), salivation, rapid breathing, pruritus (itching), urticaria (welts, hives), erythema (skin redness), ataxia (incoordination), fever and rare instances of death. There have also been rare reports of seizures in dogs. If you have additional questions about possible side effects, talk to your veterinarian.

Can Selarid be given with other medicines?
In well-controlled clinical studies, selamectin solution was used safely in dogs and cats receiving other veterinary products such as vaccines, anthelmintics, antiparasitics, antibiotics, steroids, collars, shampoos, and dips. Tell your veterinarian about all medicines you have given your dog or cat in the past, and any medicines that you are planning to use with Selarid. This should include other medicines that you can get without a prescription. Your veterinarian may want to check that all of your dog's or cat's medicines can be given together.