Skunk-Off Eliminate Skunk Odor Shampoo (gallon)

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Skunk-Off Eliminate Skunk Odor Shampoo

Skunk-Off Shampoo is a mild shampoo that safely cleans while eliminating skunk odors in the process. Tired of products that simply mask odors? Struggling to remove skunk spray from your pet? Unlike your average shampoo, Skunk-Off Shampoo removes it effectively and permanently! This shampoo is safe for both you and your dog or cat, and will not damage or irritate sensitive tissues such as eyes, eyes or nose.


  • A mild shampoo expressly formulated to eliminate skunk odor.
  • For use anywhere, anytime.
  • Safe for home and pet.
  • Not a mask, not an enzyme.
  • Nontoxic, nonirritating, nonflammable, noncarcinogenic, biodegradable.

Directions for Use

Shake bottle before using. Wipe off excess skunk spray and then saturate the entire area with Skunk-Off paying particular attention to the area of the direct hit. Work in thoroughly. Be sure to apply to eyelids, mouth and in between toes. Thoroughly rinse animal and dry. If odor persists, continue to reapply as necessary.



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