Tropiclean Aloe Moist Deodorizing Shampoo for Pets (20 oz)

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Tropiclean Aloe Moist Deodorizing Shampoo for Pets

TropiClean Aloe & Coconut Deodorizing Dog & Cat Shampoo effectively eliminates pet odors at their source while replenishing the moisture balance of your pet’s skin and coat. The tropical scent of aloe and coconut leaves them smelling fresh and ready for cuddles! TropiClean Pet Products are cruelty free.


  • Eliminates Pet Smell – Dog & Cat Shampoo stops pet smells at their source.
  • Restores Dry Skin – Contains hydrating ingredients that help moisturize the skin and coat.
  • Takes Pets From Stinky to Sweet – Tropical scent of aloe and coconut will take your pet to a tropical paradise with every bath!
  • Softens the Coat – Aloe, papaya, chamomile, kiwi, and mallow extracts leave the coat feeling silky soft.
  • Tough on Dirt, Not Pets — Gentle coconut cleanser gives a soap-free clean, so you don't have to worry about washing away topical treatments.

Directions For Use

Shake well. Wet your pet’s coat. Massage into your pet’s coat for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse completely. Do not get into pet’s eyes. Safe for daily use.


  • MILD COCONUT CLEANSER :- Gently cleans the skin and coat, removing dirt and odor.
  • COLLOIDAL OATMEAL :- Helps soothe and moisturize dry, itchy, and irritated skin.
  • BOTANICAL BLEND :- Contains plant and fruit extracts that moisturize and nourish the skin and coat.
  • ODOR NEUTRALIZER :Deodorizing agent that helps break down odors.
  • HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN :- Conditioning agent that protects the hair from damage and softens the coat.
  • VITAMIN E :- Helps lock in moisture by forming a protective layer on the surface of the skin.
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