UltiCare VetRx UltiGuard Safe Pack, 0.3 cc, U-40, 29 x 1/2 Syringes (100 ct)

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Insulin Syringes/Needles U-40 29 Gauge x 0.5-in are used for the injection of U-40 (40 units per ml) insulin in pets with diabetes. However, it’s important to note that more than one concentration of insulin exists, so be sure that the syringe used matches the type of insulin prescribed for your pet. These insulin syringes also come with a sharps container for proper disposal.

Recommended Dosage

Use as directed by your veterinarian.

Storage Instructions

Syringes should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

All prescription items are Non-Refundable and Non-Returnable.