Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Bites Freeze Dried Chicken Liver Treats (4 oz)

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Product Description 

These bite-size treats are made from a single, nutritious ingredient: chicken liver. This premium-grade protein is low in fat and freeze-dried raw to preserve all its natural vitamins and minerals. These convenient, tasty treats are great for training or everyday snacks. Plus, they can help support your dog’s immune system, digestion, and overall health — so you can reward your dog guilt-free.

Some commercial dog treats are filled with unhealthy ingredients (like wheat flour and corn syrup), low-quality protein sources (like meat by-products), or fillers (like corn and rice).

Nutra Bites makes sure to keep all those things out — because there’s simply no need for them. Not only is top-grade, nutrient-rich beef liver the main ingredient, it’s the only ingredient.


  • Premium Researched Ingredients - No additives, fillers, or preservatives
  • Nutrient-rich Snack - Excellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Multi-use - Great for training, daily treats, or meal toppers.


Chicken Liver

Customer Reviews

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Chicken liver

They totally enjoy the Chicken Liver toppers! How could they not? They look delicious- not messy and a real good supplement for their health.

She loves her treats!

Amelia loves her chicken bites! I use them for treats and also on top of her food along with the bison treats.

Melanie D
Nutra Bites

My Shitzu is 15 months old and Ive been giving him Nutra Bites since he came to live with us at 4.5 months old. He loves them! I use them as a treat and sometimes as a topper on his Nutra Nourish Beef flavor freeze dried food. I trust that they are safe treats and good for him. My sisters dog is a very picky eater but loves Nutra Bites.


Before Shadow digs in to his kibble, he waits, patientlyhe stands byuntil I sprinkle Nutra Bites over his Kibble.

Loves them

As with all your food, he loves them!