VetOne Bolisorb Jr. Bolus Absorbent Anti-Diarrheal Demulcent (50 Count)

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VetOne Bolisorb Jr.

An adsorbent anti-diarrheal demulcent bolus (10 mg) for use as an aid in relief of simple non-infectious diarrhea in calves and foals. Bolisorb helps stop diarrhea and soothe irritated intestinal tissue. The combination of ingredients reduces water loss, firms the stool and adsorbs (binds) harmful toxins that may be associated with diarrhea. Available in a Jr or a Max.  

Directions for Use

Calves: Following colostrum feeding program to 3 weeks of age-1 bolus. After 3 weeks of age to weaning -2 boluses.

Foals: Birth to weaning-2 boluses.

Repeat treatment at 4 to 6 hour intervals as needed. Discontinue use of product after 3 days. If symptoms continue after using this preparation for 3 days, consult a veterinarian. Administer orally only.


Attapulgite clay, kaolin, carob flour, lactose, sodium bicarbonate, pectin, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, citric acid, magnesium trisilicate and magnesium stearate.