VetOne Bovine IgG Replacer 115, Natural Bovine Dried Colostrum (640 gm)

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VetOne Bovine IgG Supplement 57.5 Natural Bovine Dried Colostrum (320 gm)

Bovine IgG Replacer 115 is made from natural bovine colostrum and is used to replace or supplement maternal colostrum as an aid in the treatment of Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT) in newborn calves. Actual colostrum, no other ingredients added, nothing taken away.

Features and Benefits

  • 15% higher Bovine IgG content than most other leading brands of Supplements & Replacers on the market
  • Made with whole bovine colostrum
  • Easy to use, mixes instantly
  • Each bag of Replacer 115 provides > 115 g of Bovine IgG (> 18% IgG)
  • USDA approved and licensed
  • Guaranteed for safety, efficacy, purity and potency
  • High energy/brown fat metabolism from colostral fat
  • Made from large pools of colostrum from many different individuals which guarantees product contains a wide variety of antibodies to all agents in the dairy calf environment including protective levels to E. coli

Feeding Recommendations 

  • Feed colostrum equaling 10% of body weight [about 4 quarts for most Holstein calves] in the first 2 hours of life with target serum IgG of >10 mg/mL and total protein of >5.2 g/dL.
  • Calves fed 1 package to completely replace maternal colostrum achieved average serum IgG levels of 14.6 mg / mL and average serum protein levels of 5.0 g / dL. Feeding additional amounts provide health benefits and is recommended when calves have a birth weight > 106.7 lbs or 48.5 kg, are stressed or calfhood disease incidence is high