Farnam Vetrolin Body Wash Gentle Moisturizing for Dogs & Horse(32 oz)

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Farnam Vetrolin Body Wash Gentle Moisturizing for Dogs & Horse

Farnam Vetrolin Body Wash Trusted by the USEF and AQHA, Vetrolin Body Wash by Farnam is a bath formula that produces a rich lather that gently lifts away dirt and dandruff in minutes. With an easy-to-use applicator, you can leave your buckets and sponges behind and bathe your equine partner without scrubbing. It also contains PABA sunscreen to protect skin and coat. It's great for dogs too! Features: Rich lathering body wash to gently remove dirt and dandruff Convenient applicator eliminates buckets and sponges Protein-enriched conditioners Protective PABA sunscreen An official grooming product of the USEF and AQHA Item Specifications.


  • Produces a rich lather to gently lift away dirt and dandruff in minutes
  • Easy to use applicator eliminates buckets amp sponges
  • Protein enriched conditioners repair split ends giving your horse a lustrous shine
  • Contains PABA sunscreen to protect the coat
  • Great for dogs too

Directions For Use

Vetrolin® Body Wash is easy and economical to use. Connect sprayer to garden hose. Break off locking tab to allow dial to turn. Rotate dial to "wash" to begin shampooing horse. Lather entire body and let stand for 3-5 minutes. Rotate dial to "rinse." Continue to rinse horse until water runs clear. Rotate dial to "off" when finished. Face: Avoid spraying directly at face or eyes. To clean facial area, apply Vetrolin® Body Wash to a damp cloth or sponge and gently wipe clean. Disconnect sprayer from hose to rinse.