Vita Flex Lactanase Performance Supplement for Horses, (25 g)

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Vita Flex Lactanase Performance Supplement for Horses

Vita Flex Pro Lactanase helps maintain energy for peak performance in horses in competition or workouts. This unique formula supports optimal muscle function and metabolism in horses. Horse Lactanase is a unique supplement designed to supply key ingredients in the aerobic energy production of muscle cells. By increasing the capacity and efficiency of aerobic energy production it will help support stamina and endurance.

Lactanase supplies antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress associated with strenuous exercise. It supplies ingredients involved in the conversion of products of glycolysis (pyruvate) to acetyl coenzyme A, a key to efficient energy release. The formula contains no show prohibited substances. Please check with your association for testing rules and regulations


  • Helps maintain energy for performance
  • Provides essential ingredients needed to release energy from both carbohydrates and fats
  • Contains no show-prohibited substances. *Please check with your Association for testing rules and regulations
  • Safe to use Lactanase before a workout and Vita Flex Pro Recovery after to help maintain energy and support muscle recovery
  • (1) packet 25 grams, case of 12 packets
  • One packet provides ingredients important for the formation of acetyl coenzyme a, in the horse's body, critical for cellular energy
  • Helps support stamina and endurance

Directions For Use

  • For important efforts: 1 sachet per day for 2 days then 1 / 2 sachet per day
  • For the racing horses: 1 bag before the race, 2 at 3 hours before
  • For maximum effect, also give 1 sachet the night before the race or competition.


dl-Lipoic acid, Vitamin B1, d-Panthothenic acid, Riboflavin, Niacin, Natural and artificial flavorings, silicon dioxide, sorbitol.