Vitamin K-1 Chewable Tablets, Beef Flavor, 25mg 50 Count

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Product Description

Beef-flavored chewable tablets (phytonadione, 25 mg, recommended for cats and dogs that weigh 11-22 lbs.) are indicated to counter hypoprothrombinemia induced by digestion of coumarin-based compounds, common ingredients of commercial rodenticides, and other drug-induced hypoprothrombinemia where it is definitely shown that the result is due to interference with Vitamin K metabolism.


  • Palatable beef flavored chewable tablets improve daily dosing compliance

  • Scored tablets provide flexible and accurate dosing

  • Counteracts hypoprothrombinemia which can increase the risk of bleeding

Directions for Use

Administer orally at the rate of 2.5-5 mg/kg of body weight (1 tablet per each 22 pounds of body weight for lower dosage or 1 tablet per each 11 pounds of body weight for higher dosage) daily as conditions require up to 3 weeks.


Phytonadione 25 mg

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