Vetasyl Fiber Capsules (100 capsule)

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Product Description

Vetasyl Fiber Capsules contain 100% natural fiber source, which includes Psyllium and Barley, for cats and dogs. Encourages natural elimination without chemicals, while providing a gentle, effective relief from constipation. Vetasyl also reduces blood glucose fluctuations in diabetic pets.

Cats spend a significant part of their lives cleaning and grooming. Often swallowing their hairballs and creating a blockage - hairballs. This can interfere with digestion and elimination. VETASYL works wonders! Just sprinkle on your cats food.


  • Easy to give with a barley malt flavor
  • Contains no sugars or salts
  • For use in dogs or cats when a fiber supplement is recommended
  • Contains psyllium husks (94%) and barley malt extract powder (5%) for flavor
  • Available in 500 mg capsules in a 100-count bottle

Directions for Use

For pets 8 to 20lbs, sprinkle one capsule per day over food. For pets under 8lbs, use 1/2 capsule per day.


Psyllium seed husks 95%, barley malt extract powder (flavor) 5%