Adequan Canine Injectable

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Adequan Injectable

Adequan Injectable Canine is a medicine that has been designed for animal use so that it may be able to handle these pets’ osteoarthritis as well as degenerative joint disease. It helps dogs that are incapacitated due to such conditions by easing their inflammation while at the same time restoring their movement ability when administered to them. It aids in the growth of joints by blocking off any enzymes that lead to breaking them down hence offering a remedy to a painful joint thereby stimulating the regeneration of cartilage.

Adequan Injectable for Dogs is a potent medication that is highly effective in treating degenerative joint diseases and osteoarthritis in dogs. It is vital for bettering the lives of dogs affected because it improves joint function and decreases discomfort through pain relief. For favorable outcomes consult your vet to ascertain the diagnosis and treatment procedure for your animal.


  • Appropriate size and texture for small breed puppies
  • Natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Veterinarian-recommended for dental health
  • Helps promote healthy teeth and gums in growing puppies
  • Available in resealable packages for freshness

Recommended Dosage of Adequan for Dogs Dose:

Give two injections per week for a maximum of 4 weeks (a total of 8 injections).


For the treatment of degenerative joint problems in dogs, carpal lameness that is not infectious or caused by an injury shall be treated using Adequan.


Any unwanted effects may rarely occur because of using this drug. Some of the most frequent issues tied to it are pain and swelling around where you got pricked on your skin; others include abnormal blood clotting processes. With decreased formation of clots comes nosebleeds or bleeding from the intestines which may result in blood in the stool along with throwing up of the same. Parents should know even though they do not happen quite often there exist canines that have an allergy to this injection; those whose dog may develop such reactions should seek medical assistance as soon as possible following its administration.

Storage Instructions:

Store at 68° - 77°F. Excursions permitted to 59° - 86°F.


What is Adequan for Dogs Injectable Used For?

It is used to relieve symptoms in dogs with degenerative joint disease (DJD) and arthritis by reducing inflammation, improving joint function, and promoting cartilage repair.

What is Adequan Dose in Dogs?

A usual procedure involves a veterinarian giving dogs a muscle injection of 2 mg per pound of body weight, twice weekly for up to 4 weeks.

What Are The Side Effects of Adequan Canine

Possible side effects can consist of mild discomfort where the injection was given, diarrhea, and unusual bleeding. Sometimes, people may have more severe allergic reactions on rare occasions.

At what point will my dog begin to display improvement?

Many dogs show improvement in their symptoms in the first few weeks of treatment. However, it might require as long as four weeks for all the benefits to become evident.

Is it possible to use Adequan along with other medications?

Yes, Adequan can typically be used in conjunction with other medications, but it is important to seek advice from your veterinarian before mixing treatments.

Can Adequan Canine Injectables be used safely for every dog?

Even though it is usually not harmful, it's better not to use it on dogs having a known PSGAG sensitivity or those that are prone to bleeding disorders. Make sure to get advice from a veterinarian before you commence any treatment.