Flunixin (Generic) Injection, 50 mg/ml

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Flunixin (Generic) Injection, 50 mg/ml

Flunixin is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Each ml of Flunixin contains flunixin meglumine equivalent to 50 mg flunixin. Flunixin is used in cattle for the control of fever associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD), endotoxemia and acute bovine mastitis, and for the control of inflammation in endotoxemia.

Flunixin is used to alleviate pain in horses, as well as inflammation, pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders and visceral pain associated with colic in horses. The recommended dosage of Flunixin for cattle is 1.1 - 2.2 mg per kg (1-2 ml per 100 lbs.) given slowly IV, either once per day or divided into two doses given at 12-hour intervals for up to 3 days. The recommended dosage for horses is 0.5 mg per lb. (1 ml per 100 lbs.) body weight given IV or IM once daily, and repeated for up to 5 days. Not for use in dry dairy cows or veal calves.

Flunixin meglumine.

Possible Side Effects

In horses, isolated reports of local reactions following intramuscular injection, particularly in the neck, have been received. These include localized swelling, sweating, induration, and stiffness. In rare instances in horses, fatal or nonfatal clostridial infections or other infections have been reported in association with intramuscular use of BANAMINE (flunixin meglumine injection). In horses and cattle, rare instances of anaphylactic-like reactions, some of which have been fatal, have been reported, primarily following intravenous use.

Recommended Dosage

Use as directed by your veterinarian. 

Storage Instructions

Store at or below 77°F. Do not Freeze.

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