Itrafungol (Itraconazole) Oral Solution for Cats 10 mg/mL (52 mL)

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Itrafungol (Itraconazole) Oral Solution

Say goodbye to cat ringworm with OTC Itrafungol, a vet-approved oral solution that's easy to give. Feline ringworm doesn’t stand a chance with this efficient, tasty treatment – no fuss, just health! Treat your cat's ringworm fast. Just measure, serve, and watch them thrive. Keep the solution simply stored away, and trust in this safe, recognized feline ringworm medication. Healthy pets, happy homes!

Your cat won't fuss with the sweet cherry taste. Trusted by vets, this medicine sends ringworm packing fast. No more complex treatments-just a simple, vet-recommended dose. Ideal for busy pet parents, it's a convenient, over-the-counter fix. Talk to your vet, measure with our syringe and that pesky ringworm doesn't stand a chance. Save the scratching for the litter box!

  • Itrafungol: effective ringworm treatment for cats.
  • 10mg/mL, 52mL itraconazole oral solution tackles cat ringworm.
  • Optimal itraconazole for cats dosage.
  • Safe feline ringworm medication.
  • Easy-to-dose oral ringworm treatment for cats.

Recommended Dosage:

The daily dosage is 5 mg/kg (0.5 mL/kg) body weight is administered once daily on alternating weeks for 3 treatment cycles. Cats are treated during weeks 1, 3, and 5, and left untreated during weeks 2 and 4. The solution should be administered orally using the enclosed graduated dosing syringe. Do not invert the bottle when filling a syringe.

Storage Instructions:

Store between temperatures of 68° - 77°F. Excursions are permitted between 59° - 86°F.


10 mg/ml Itraconazole.


What are some of the conditions Itrafungol is used for?

Itrafungol is indicated for the treatment of cats with dermatophytosis, more commonly referred to as ringworm.

How does Itrafungol work?

Itrafungol works as an antifungal and contains itraconazole, which has the primary function of disrupting the cell membrane of the fungus and thus killing it, which disallows further growth.

What are the possible adverse reactions?

The product has been linked to stomach issues, including vomiting and diarrhea. The majority of major reactions typically present as liver malfunctions and allergic responses. Make sure to always seek advice and treatment from a veterinarian for accurate diagnosis and care.

Is Itrafungol safe for use in pregnant or lactating cats?

The effectiveness of Itrafungol treatment for fungal infections has not been determined in pregnant or nursing cats. Administer only upon the advice and consultation with a vet.

Can I use Itrafungol in association with other medications?

Always ask the vet before giving Itrafungol with another medication. Some drugs might interact with itraconazole altering its action or causing side effects.

Are there any dietary restrictions while giving Itrafungol to my cat?

No special diet has been reported to be required. However proper nutrition can enhance health in general. Your veterinarian will advise special diets if your cat requires it in their medical condition.

How long until I start to see improvement in my cat?

Various treatments take longer periods to get better. Nonetheless, some cats are usually first treated and improve within a few weeks.

How would I tell if anything even works at all for my cat with Itrafungol?

Monitor your cat for decreased itching and a healthier appearance of his skin. You really should follow up with your vet to determine whether or not Itrafungol is indeed doing what it's supposed to do regarding controlling your cat's disease.

How to store Itrafungol?

Store Itrafungol out of sunlight, and moisture, and at room temperature. The drug should not be given to children or any other type of animal.

What if I forget a dose?

If a dose is missed, give it as soon as it is remembered. If it's near the time of the next dose, skip the forgotten dose. Take the next regularly scheduled dose; do not give extra to catch up.