KOE Kennel Odor Eliminator Concentrate ( Gallon )

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KOE Kennel Odor Eliminator Concentrate

Banish stinky smells with Thornell’s K.O.E. Kennel Odor Eliminator Concentrate! This veterinarian favorite is specifically designed to remove offensive odors from cages, runs, kennels and other large pet areas. Its mild formula is gentle enough to be used near your pets, yet powerful enough to eradicate even the most offensive odors known to man. Plus, K.O.E is uniquely formulated to work without the use enzymes, which don’t always get the job done. From catteries to kennels—this highly effective deodorizer removes foul odors instead of simply covering up the smell.


  • This non-toxic and non-irritating formula is designed to eliminate offensive odors without harming pets.
  • Removes old and lingering smells like cat urine and feces without simply masking the odor.
  • Concentrated formula can be added to regular cleaning regimen to boost odor removal.
  • Excellent odor eliminating solution for clinics, shelters, groomers, kennels and homes with multiple pets.
  • Made in the USA with pet-friendly ingredients, so it’s safe to use on any surface or directly on animals.

Directions for Use

  • Remove cap from the small, graduated part of the bottle. Squeeze large part of bottle, with cap on, forcing KOE into the measurement chamber.
  • Add 1/4 oz per 7.5 ml to 1 gallon of cleaning solution or rinse water. Same dilution in water may be applied using a plastic lawn/garden type pump-up sprayer.
  • For high pressure wash add to detergent tank at the ratio of 1/2 oz to 6 gallon (1 to 1536).
  • Ratios may be varied to suit the needs of the situation or pressure equipment.
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