Panoquell-CA1 (Fuzapladib Sodium) for Injection 14mg (4mg/mL)

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Panoquell-CA1 (Fuzapladib Sodium) for Injection 14mg (4mg/mL)

PANOQUELL -CA1 (fuzapladib sodium for injection) is the first FDA conditionally approved treatment for the management of clinical signs associated with acute onset of pancreatitis in dogs.

A fast, safe and effective treatment for the management of the inflammation associated with acute canine pancreatitis (ACP) LFA-1 activation inhibitor Inhibits the infiltration of neutrophilic inflammation within the pancreas Given once daily for 3 consecutive days by IV bolus injection Proven to quickly reduce clinical signs and measurable values such as canine pancreas-specific lipase (Spec cpL) and C-reactive protein (CRP) associated with ACP With the multi-use vial, there is the ability to treat multiple patients and there is a reduction in waste Can be given in conjunction with other supportive care treatments For intravenous use in dogs only Can reduce time and stress often seen in the hospital setting with ACP treatment

Possible Side Effects

In the pilot field effectiveness study, PANOQUELL-CA1 was administered safely with other supportive care treatments including anti-emetics and pain control. The most common adverse reactions included anorexia, digestive tract disorders, respiratory tract disorders and hepatopathy and jaundice.

Recommended Dosage

Use as directed by you veterinarian. 

PANOQUELL-CA1 is 4 mg/mL solution when reconstituted. It comes in a multi-use vial. Once reconstituted, it remains stable under refrigeration for 28 days.

PANOQUELL-CA1 consists of two separate vials.

One vial contains 14 mg of fuzapladib sodium, 52.5 mg of D-mannitol, and 21 mg of tromethamine as sterile lyophilized powder. The second vial of 3.9 mL sterile diluent (bacteriostatic water for injection), containing 1.8% w/v benzyl alcohol, is for reconstituting the sterile lyophilized powder prior to use.

No other diluent should be used.

PANOQUELL-CA1 is an intravenous (IV) injection dosed once a day for 3 days. The IV injection can be given over 15 seconds to 1 minute as a bolus.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened vials at room temperature, 59° to 77°F (15° to 25°C).

Store the reconstituted product at refrigerated conditions, 36° to 46°F (2° to 8°C). Use within 28 days of first puncture.

Prescription items are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.

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