Osurnia Otic Gel

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Product Description

Osurnia Otic Gel is designed to treat otitis externa (infection of the ear canal) in dogs. This gel penetrates deep and is meant to coat and stick to the whole ear canal, which increases the time at the infection. The gel will slowly be removed over time while working with the normal ear cleaning process. Available in 2 x 1ml or 20 x 1 ml.

Possible Side Effects

Please contact your veterinarian if the following adverse reactions occur: vomiting, increased liver enzymes or transient loss of hearing.

Recommended Dosage

Osurnia should be administered in the clinic. Clean and dry the external ear canal before administering the initial dose of the product. Administer one dose (1 tube) per affected ear(s) and repeat administration in seven days. Do not clean the ear canal for 45 days after the initial administration to allow contact of the gel with the ear canal. Cleaning the ear may affect product effectiveness. If alternative otic therapies are required, it is recommended to clean the ear(s) before application. Open tube by twisting the soft tip. Insert the flexible tip into the affected external ear canal(s) and squeeze entire tube contents into the external ear canal(s). After application, gently massage the base of the ear to allow the gel to penetrate to the lower part of the ear canal.

Storage Instructions

Osurnia should be refrigerated at temperatures between 36° - 46°F. For application comfort, it may be brought to room temperature. Osurnia may be refrigerated for up to 3 months.

Prescription items are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.

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