Rx Vitamins Rx Clay Powder Digestive Supplement for Pets (100g)



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Product Description

RxClay (Hydrated Calcium Aluminosilicate) is a montmorillonite class of clay that adsorbs bacterial toxins, inflammatory cytokines, and metabolic toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in improvement of stool quality.

A clinical trial in canine cancer patients who developed diarrhea as a side-effect of receiving chemotherapy found significant improvement following the oral administration of RxClay™ when first-tier therapeutics for diarrhea failed to improve stool quality.

RxClay is free of heavy metal contamination, contains no available aluminum, is sterilized and ground to 60 micron particle size for improved dispersion and more rapid onset of action.


  • Cat & Dog Digestive Support: This clay supplement aids in digestion within the lower intestines, which can help relieve gas, bloating, and diarrhea. If your pet has potty problems, clay can help!
  • Diarrhea & Gas Relief for Pets: Clay helps absorb excess moisture within the digestive system, aiding in improved stool quality by regulating water levels in the bowel and helping relieve tummy pain.
  • Kitten & Puppy Essentials: Safe for pets 12 weeks and older, this clay powder can help regulate a young pet's digestive system and address tummy troubles common among boarding or shelter pets.
  • Incredible Clay for Pets' Digestive Health: This clay powder for pets is a nanomaterial sourced from the Earth which aids in diarrhea and gas relief. Add this powder to your pet's food daily.
  • Quality Cat & Dog Health Supplies: Unlike many clay supplements, this powdered clay for pets is free from heavy metals and aluminum and is sterilized for improved absorption and effect.

Directions for Use

Give one level scoop (1/8 tsp) for every 10 lbs of bodyweight, twice daily, When diarrhea is present. 

For maintenance, give one level school for every 25 lbs or as directed by your veterinarian. 

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