Skunk-Off Odor Eliminate Spray (32 oz)

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Skunk-Off Odor Eliminate Spray

Thornell Skunk Off Spray has been scientifically formulated to completely eliminate, no mask, the offensive odor caused the chemicals in skunk spray. Skunk-Off for skunk odor is permanent and works within minutes. Tested at a leading university, Skunk-Off proved to be effective and safe, nonirritating, even to mucous membranes.


  • Stops skunk odor instantly and permanently on contact.
  • Removes all traces of skunk spray from dogs, other pets, people, cloths, cars, homes and on anybody or anything a skunk has sprayed or anything a skunk-sprayed animal has rubbed against.
  • Safe - Non-Toxic - Non-Irritating: will not damage or irritate sensitive tissue of eyes, ears or nose.

Directions For Use

Wipe off excess skunk spray. Saturate area of direct hit with Skunk-Off. Work in thoroughly and then rinse and let dry. If odor persists, continue to reapply as necessary. Directions for use in the Home: Skunk-Off can be safely applied to carpets upholstery clothing, or bedding. Use Skunk-Off liquid in laundry at a rate of 2-4 ounces per regular load. Skunk-Off may also be applied by fogging.


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