Vetmedin CA-1 (Pimobendan) 5mg Chewable Tablets

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Vetmedin CA-1(Pimobendan) 5mg

Vetmedin-CA1 (pimobendan) Chewable Tablets are indicated for the delay of onset of congestive heart failure in dogs with Stage B2 preclinical myxomatous mitral valve disease. Vetmedin-CA1 chewable Tablets have a dual mode of action, relaxing the blood vessels carrying blood to and from the heart, and improving heart muscle function to help the heart work more efficiently. Based on a study, dogs treated with VETMEDIN-CA1 demonstrated an average of 15 months of prolonged, symptom-free life compared to dogs treated with a placebo. Vetmedin-CA1 tablets are chewable and beef-flavored. 

Recommended Dosage

Use as directed by your veterinarian. 

Contraindications: Do not administer VETMEDIN®-CA1 (pimobendan) Chewable Tablets in cases of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, aortic stenosis, or any other clinical condition where an augmentation of cardiac output is inappropriate for functional or anatomical reasons.

Do not administer VETMEDIN-CA1 to dogs with Stage A or B1 preclinical myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMDV) (2019 ACVIM Consensus Statement1) due to the risk of cardiac pathology associated with exaggerated hemodynamic responses to VETMEDIN-CA1.

Storage Instructions

Store at 20° to 25°C (68° to 77°F), excursions permitted between 15° and 30°C (between 59° and 86°F)

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